Rochester, NY

In conjunction with Panera Bread and SBR Food Pantry, OWO carries out a weekly Food Distribution for those in need. Contact Us for more information.

We work with many African Immigrants and Refugees in the Greater Rochester area primarily from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia.

We do this through providing support of basic needs, fostering self-sufficiency, helping with finding employment, and connectivity to available services in our City.

Liberia, Africa

OWO has Partnered with various like-minded organizations in Liberia.

EarthSource Minerals, Int’l (ESM) is a Socially Responsible company structured with a fixed percent of profits going directly to fund Humanitarian Work at both the Community and National levels.

Philadelphia Central Church is our partner for the HELP Initiative which provides support to vulnerable Health Clinics. This initiative was birthed in the midst of the Ebola outbreak.

OWO is providing support to nine orphanages operated or supported by Jubilee Praise & Worship Center. OWO’s initial focus is to ensure that these children have access to safe drinking water and suitable mattresses.

D.R. of Congo, Africa

OWO‘s focus in the DRC has been primarily in Education.

We are currently working with a school in Lubumbashi called, Choeur de Charité, who provides both primary and secondary level education. 

In partnership with the School’s Director and Founder, Pastor Heradi, our goal is to help build a new school building on their recently acquired land!


Liberia, also known as “Little America” was colonized by over 15,000 freed and free-born Black Americans between 1822 and the American Civil War. Its Constitution and Flag are based on that of the USA. Liberia went through their own Civil Wars between 1989 and 2003. The result has been devastating to the nation placing them consistently amongst the 4 poorest nations on earth.

Members of our Board have been working in Liberia since 2012 in various capacities. One primary focus has been on Healthcare. The Ebola Crisis really boosted OWO’s involvement in the country. This became our first major Initiative concentrating on Health Clinic support, called the PPE Initiative (Protecting Providers from Ebola).

Liberia – Village of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County – Emergency Response Needed

Recently, April 2016, a terrible wind-storm has ripped off many zinc roofs of homes in this village. Samaritan’s Purse has agreed to help us in the interim providing plastic, left over from the Ebola crisis, to cover these homes until we can rebuild the zinc metal roofing. 

Your contribution to support the Village of Zwedru will help provide Shelter for Families in Zwedru, Gedeh County, Liberia, Africa.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Liberia – The HELP Initiative (Helping Equip Liberian People)

Our World Outreach has expanded our efforts beyond the original scope of the PPE Initiative (Protecting Providers from Ebola). We are calling this broader initiative the HELP Initiative (Helping Equip Liberian People).

LibIn collaboration with Monrovia-based Philadelphia Central Church (PCC), we will be providing a broad range of medical supplies to vulnerable clinics, with a focus on ten clinics located in Montserrado County, Liberia (the Greater Monrovia area), and four clinics in the “bush” or “up-country”. Our goal is to help equip the healthcare professionals at these clinics so they are able to provide patients with high quality care, while maintaining a high level of safety.

Our collaboration with PCC is also supported by a number of key individuals from other Liberia-based groups. One of these individuals is Jerry Kollie, a Physician Assistant (PA) and the President of the Liberian National Physician Assistant Association (LINPAA).

OWO is currently raising funds to help ensure that healthcare workers in Liberia have ongoing access to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies they require to safely provide their patients with high quality medical care.

We will continue to support the clinics that were identified during the PPE Initiative and others we have identified up-country:

  • Arthington Health Clinic
  • Bardnesville Health Clinic
  • Bishop John Collins Health Clinic
  • Clara Town Health Clinic
  • Harrisburg Health Clinic
  • Hydro Health Clinic
  • Louisiana Health Clinic
  • New Georgia Health Clinic
  • Soniwein Health Clinic
  • Star of the Sea Health Clinic
  • Mini Clinic @ Parker Corner
  • Yangaya Clinic
  • Henry Town Clinic
  • Kiteabo Chiefdom Estate

Your contribution to the HELP Initiative will help increase the quality of Medical Care in Liberian clinics, while protecting Liberian health care workers and minimizing the risk and severity of future Ebola outbreaks in West Africa.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Liberia – Multiple Community Projects across the Nation

OWO has multiple Community Projects that are continuously being triaged to place focus where the needs are greatest. Current other projects:

Jubilee Orphanages

Bishop Allen Klayee’s, Jubilee Praise & Worship Center, operates or supports nine orphanages. In March 2016, OWO visited three of these orphanages and provided for the repair of water pumps at two of them. OWO is currently raising funds to:

  • Restore safe drinking water at a third orphanage
  • Purchase 65 mattresses needed at two of the orphanages
  • Purchase supplies for repairing a number of bunk bed frames
Yangaya Village

We are working together with ESM to build Latrines in Yangaya in Gbarpolu County. Some are already built! (See the pics below).

Other major needs of the community are Roads and Bridges. Roads and Bridges are always a challenge in the bush as the rainy season greatly effects them every year. They effect commerce and ability to travel to other communities and Monrovia.

We are currently finishing up some road work where we have installed new culverts. We just need to complete the bridges now!

Korninga Chiefdom

This Chiefdom, in Gbarpolu County, covers HenryTown and beyond. OWO recently met with the HenryTown Superintendent, the Korninga Chief, and ESM CEO to determine the Community’s greatest needs and come up with a comprehensive plan of partnership with them.

The Superintendent and Chief are meeting with the multiple leaders in their community to assess their greatest needs, rather than us dictating to them as outsiders what we think they need. This helps bring ownership and sustainability to the solutions we find together.

Your general contribution to support the Multiple Community Projects will make a great impact on Liberia, Africa.

Your donation is tax-deductible.


Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire from 1971 to 1997, is the poorest country in the World. Despite the Nation’s ample resources, the poverty is great. Located in Central Africa, its capital, Kinshasa on the west side of the country, is the 3rd largest city in Africa, with over 11 Million people. It is also the World’s 2nd largest French-Speaking City after Paris.

The Congolese Civil Wars, beginning in 1997, claimed the lives of 5.4 Million people. Over on the east side of the DRC, there is a history of conflict and ongoing instability due to the great resources of Diamonds, Cobalt Ore, Copper, and other precious metals. 

Members of our Board have been traveling to the DRC since 2013 with a focus on Education, connecting with a major Computer Science College called ISIPA in Kinshasa, and a Primary/Secondary School in Lubumbashi, called Choeur de Charité

D.R. Congo – NEW SCHOOL BUILDING – Lubumbashi, Katanga Province

We are currently working with a school in Lubumbashi called, Choeur de Charité, (Chorus of Charity), who provides both primary and secondary level education for 350-400 students. Led by Pastor Heradi Richard Heba, the school has been getting recognition for the high standardized test scores achieved by their students despite poor working conditions and underpaid/unpaid teachers (many are volunteers). Approximately half of Choeur de Charité students are orphans who receive free education and emergency medical care. Pastor Heradi’s church also provides housing for 80 orphans (28 are housed at an orphanage, the other live with congregation members). Pastor Heradi also oversees a very successful Scouting Program that brings identity and purpose to many of the young people.

The school has recently found a new location to build, as they have been experiencing unsustainable rentincreases at their current site. OWO is currently raising funds to help purchase the supplies required to build a new school building at the new location. Please consider making a donation.

Below are some pics from our latest trip to the DRC to connect with Pastor Heradi and his Community.  (John Backus, Garrett & Juli Wendt, and Aridja Mfaume Luzolo, our native-born Congolese Guide who is spearheading this project for OWO).

Your contribution to support Choeur de Charité will help increase the quality of Education for Congolese Children in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

Your donation is tax-deductible.